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BodyROK Studios

I’m a really active person and do a variety of things to stay in shape: Bikram, barre, running, hiking ,spinning, HIIT, etc., but my favorite of the bunch is BodyRok Pilates. I love BodyRok so much because it’s fast. I don’t have a ton of time to spend at the gym but still want a full body workout – I get more done in 40 at BodyRok than I can in an hour or more at the conventional gym. And the workout is HARD – even after 2 years, I’m still constantly being challenged and never bored. Each class is different and every instructor brings their own style so keeps you on your toes.

But the most important reason I stick with BodyRok is that I see results. After my first month, I measured about 0.5″ lost in my waist (and I have a pretty flat stomach to begin with). After about two months, I lost 1.5″ in my thighs which is crazy since that’s the hardest place for me to lose any kind of size.

Renata Stone

My favourite element of this workout is getting my sweat on in the CYCLE / SCULPT combo class. My core hurts during each SCULPT and combined with the cardio element of CYCLE the workout has contributed to my overall health and well being. I finally found a workout that is low impact and benefits my golfing, boarding and surfing. Its quick, easy, results driven and each class has great beats which makes it a lot of fun.

Matt Streeter

I’m an avid rock climber and ultra marathon runner. I’m currently training for the Leadville 100 Mile Trail Run. I love BodyRok because it’s super high intensity in a short time period, which is perfect cross training for my other sports. Nothing kills my core like BodyRok does.

Jess Downer

Running has always been my passion, until I was introduced to BodyRok over two years ago. This is the only other workout that has provided me an outlet from all the stresses of every day life. The constant variation in the exercises has helped me maintain a strong core and remain injury free. Not only has BodyRok strengthened my body, but it has increased my running stamina and speed. Recently, I knocked three minutes off of my 5K race time. BodyRok is an exciting workout that continues to challenge me. You can’t beat a full body blasting workout in only 40 minutes!

Mimi Moras